Talk to building management about your move plans.

December 5, 2022

This would seem intuitive, but we often find people who are new to moving in NYC don’t understand the rules many buildings have regarding moving in and out. Many buildings have rules about moving times and locations. There may be restricted moving hours, doors and/or pathways that cannot be used, insurance paperwork that must be dealt with, etc. Buildings often don’t want moving companies occupying elevators at the same times other residets may be heading to or coming home from work. Talk to your front-desk/super (at both locations) about these rules and ask about any building quirks such as stairs in the basement you didn’t know we have to move though. Moving day is not the time to find out you were supposed to reserve the elevator in advance or that your new stairwell is too narrow for your eight-foot couch. In fact, at the end and start of the month, when most leases change, moving slots can actually get booked up at some buildings. Many buildings won’t let more than one person move in and out at the same time, or we could end up battling another moving company over a shared elevator, slowing your move down. The sooner you contact management and get this nailed down, the better.